The One and Only PDC Club
The One and Only PDC Club 

Frequently Asked Questions From New Couples

1. Am I required to dress to the theme of the party?

No........... Just come in something neat and comfortable. You can always dress to the next theme. Remember the first impression is always the best. The themes are fun and people like to be creative and role play and have fun with it! Oh, and don't forget we have contests!

2. What time do things get started?

Pre-Registration is from 6:30 pm - 7:30pm on the PDC Party Floorof the Hotel. If you arrive after 8:00 pm, you can register and pay in the Ballroom, which is located across the breezeway and pool. The party starts at 8:00pm.

3. Do we have to attend the new couples seminar?

No, it is not a requirement, but we do advise it for couples who are new to the lifestyle/club. We give you information about what to expect at the party, and feel free to ask any questions you would like. Believe us when we say that no question is a stupid question. If you want to know about something that we do not mention, ask!

4. What is the price for us to come to a party?

Unless otherwise posted, we ask for a door fee of $50.00 per couple. Single females are $20.00, and of course your motel room fee is extra. Consider your this your membership fee.

5. What is the price for our motel room?

You will need to contact the Quality Inn Colisuem to receive your special PDC rate prior to two weeks before the party. Tell them you are with PDC to ensure your special rate. If you call after that two week time frame, they will charge you the regular hotel room rate.

6. Is it BYOB or is there a cash bar?

Its BYOB.  The club will provide, ice, cups, Soft Drinks and snacks in the ballroom.

7. Do we have to get a room?

No, but we hope you do. The club is a member of CADD, which stands for Couples Against Drunk Drivers, and tries to advise all couples to get a room the first time they come. We don't want to see anyone get caught drinking and driving or taking a chance of having an accident. Also if you're there and there's someone you'd like to meet or get to know better then its hard to do it if you don't have a room.

IF YOU ARE DRINKING, PDC ADVISES YOU NOT TO BE DRIVING. PDC TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND CHOICES.  We are members of CADD, (Couples Against Drunk Driving) and strongly suggest you get a room in the Hotel.

8. How many couples and what age ranges are the couples?

The club never knows who or how many couples are coming to any party. All we have to go by is the SLS website sign up. If you don't sign up there, we won't know you are coming! Since motel reservations are handled by the motel, we never know. We also have many local couples that come to every party that don't get rooms, so it's hard to know. Usually we have anywhere from 35-55 couples at any party. We have couples of all age range at our parties. Usually the largest crowds are in their 30's to 50's range. But we have couples in their 20's and in their 60's also. Each party is different with lots of different couples from all walks of life. There are always new couples at every party. We also usually have several single females at every party. They range in different ages also. And no, we do not fix the single females up with single guys, so don't ask. Single males are not allowed.

9. Does the club have party or hospitality rooms?

Yes, the club has a hospitality room that is open after the party. The room usually opens around midnight and closes around 3;00 am or so and are open to any of the clubs members. Do not bring people not with our club into the ballrooms or party room. If we see them there, they, and along with whoever brought them in or asked them to come in will be asked to leave. If you want to party with someone other than club members please do it at another time when we don't have a party going on. Make sure you have your wristband on when you go into the hospitality room after the dance. Also, NO videos, pictures or recordings allowed. If caught, you will not be allowed to return.

10. What type of information from us will be required to attend one of your parties?

All we need are names, ages, and an email address if you have one, the first time you attend one of our parties. You will be asked for a pictured ID for age verification, (this is because of alcohol being brought in and consumed at the party). All information is kept private at all times. We will not bombard you with emails and your emails and information are kept private. We will only use the email addresses in instances where we need to close for bad weather.

This is your club once you come and join. If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not to your liking then please see one of the staff members and we will handle the situation. We want everyone to have fun, feel comfortable and relaxed.



PDC has a Great new venue; Parties will now be at Ramada By Wyndham

531Akron Dr

Winston Salem NC 27105



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