The One and Only PDC Club
The One and Only PDC Club 

Rules & Regulations To Attend Our Parties

1. We abide by this one main rule "No means No" with no explanation necessary.


3. BYOB  Beer & wine You must be 21 years old to attend our function. All new couples will be asked to see a pictured ID for age verification. You will also be asked to fill out a short information sheet for our records.

4. Loitering is not permitted in the public areas of the hotel. We do share the motels with others and we ask everyone to use common sense in these matters. Do not invite other people not associated with the PDC organization to our parties, or after parties. If we see this then you and your friends will be asked to leave and won't return. That goes for your single male friends, hotel staff, or outside guest.

5. No cameras or recording devices of any kind are allowed in the ballroom, or the club's hospitality rooms. This also includes cell phones with cameras. If you do bring these to the motel please leave them in your room. If you bring one to the ballroom or hospitality rooms and are caught taking pictures of any kind you will be asked to leave immediately and you won't be allowed to return. If you want to take pictures of yourself and your friends, please be kind enough to go to your rooms or somewhere other than the club's areas. Also, please do not take any pictures without permission from all concerned parties. Discretion is a must with everyone.

6. No weapons of any kind are allowed at our parties. Anyone participating in violence or destruction of hotel property will be removed from the premises and banned from the club. You also will not be allowed to attend any more of the PDC events...and you will be held financially responsible for any destruction of the hotel rooms or other property.

Loud, pushy or obnoxious behavior is not welcomed and will not be tolerated. Disrespect to other couples, motel employee's or club staff and owners will not be tolerated and will result in loss of being able to participate in any more events or parties. No second chances. No explanations. If you cause a problem, you will be gone. Period.

7. GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE IS A MUST!!! This means please shower and use deodorant, cologne, or perfume. Nobody likes to smell stink or body odor. If you didn't get a room to shower in or rinse off in after the dance, please use the showers in one of the hospitality rooms. Show respect for yourself and others around you.

8. At every party men will be given a wristband to wear for the night. These bands are water resistant and won't come off until they are pulled off or cut off. You must wear these wristbands at all times while you're at one of PDC's parties or events. If you're caught in the club's areas without the band on, you will be asked to leave immediately. So, please keep them on until you go back to your room at the end of the night.

9. NO DRAMA!! Check it at the door! Nobody wants their fun spoiled by having to hear or see a bunch of drama! We cannot stress this one enough. People come here to have a good time, not listen to your drama, so don't bring it.

10. The last and main rule is "just have fun". With these 10 simple rules, everyone should come and act like adults and come ready to party, and meet other sexy couples.



PDC has a Great new venue; Parties will now be at Ramada By Wyndham

531Akron Dr

Winston Salem NC 27105



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